About Early Motherhood Guide

Early Motherhood Guide is your go to guide for all things breastfeeding. Come here to conquer all your breastfeeding challenges so you can go back to enjoying the early days of motherhood. 

Here I offer 1:1 support, on demand classes, as well as support groups so that you can feel supported the entire way.

Our Offerings

home video

Video Courses

Professionally created video courses help you on your breastfeeding journey.

home webinar

Support Group

Join the support group to get live Q&A's to answer your questions.

home live

Live 1:1 Support

Get 1:1 support to help with your breastfeeding challenges.

Meet the author


Lacy Reason

Lactation Education Counselor

Our Students


Amelia Williams

I felt so supported the entire way through the class. This completely changed my breastfeeding experience.


Amelia Williams

I loved having Lacy on a 1:1 session. She was a wealth of information and helpful.


Amelia Williams

This is the BEST online course I have ever joined. I learned so much.